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Our DNA flows
In the river of time
Branching new streams
Off older ones

Each individual
Part of two others
Who were themselves
A combination
Of many
Stretching back
Up the river of time

Following fertile soils
Across the world
Back to Africa
When a small tribe
Of humans
Chance and choice
Foot and hand
and invention
Lead to our great
Collective journey

Dr Seuss Accepts a Meeting

I wrote this for a project, corporate Zombie revolt, I am working on with a friend. I wanted to capture the experience many people have during frustrating meetings and I thought what would Dr. Seuss say if he came to a frustrating meeting. Over time the project I'm working on will produce games, forums, t-shirts, comics and stories related to the frustrating nature of work in a culture increasingly dominated by the left hemisphere corporate mindset. Visit the site, , periodically and see what we are up to.

We meet in a room
Shut door, shuttered blinds
The invited players
All soon arrive

The agenda is crisp
Roll call is complete
Everyone settled
Into their seat

I open the blinds
To let in the light
More is revealed
You seem uptight

I look out the window
Describe what I see
Not on the agenda
But important to me


It seeps into us
Like water into a towel
Through all of our
Connecting places
Gradually or suddenly
Saturating our cells

The loved one
Inhabits our watery
And fibrous being

With us
Sometimes briefly
Sometimes a long time
They remain forever
Inhabiting the cells
Of those
Loved them


13.82 Billion Years

We fall from the sky
Distilling out of apparent emptiness
Our foundational chemistry
Spread thin but gaining form
Pulled together by gravity
Clouds, Ice Crystals and Rocks
Moving much like our parents
From their birth to ours

A rocky planet, pressure heated core
Receives the space dust, ice and rocks
The warming planetary embrace
Quickens the dance of life
A sun respectfully close
And time for growth
Make space and planet
A father and mother

The Machine Can't Hear Our Song

I have been reading The Master and His Emissary, the Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist. I'm about 1/3 way through the book and am tremendously excited by the insights presented in the book. The poem that emerged from my reading is a plea from the holistic right hemisphere to wake the reductionist left hemisphere to the primacy of right hemisphere, perceiving, feeling and thinking. Song is the province of the right hemisphere and preceded the development of speech on the left. 

The machine gone deaf
Now thinks a world apart
Making power
For its own sake
Can’t hear our beating heart

The science now is in
You should surely know
Our singing first
Your words came late
Then they both did grow

This Year's (2012) Theme

I don’t remember the date but it was a spring day in the mid 1960’s when I decided to do the thought experiment that changed my life. I had been reading about General and Special Relativity and was curious about the idea that the Universe was finite. The way I thought Einstein portrayed it was that gravity curved light and a beam going straight out from my house would curve and come back to its source in something like a circle. I’m not sure why this was important to me but I began the experiment by laying down on my bed, closing my eyes and imagining that I was heading out into space as a point of light in a straight line. I imagined my direction beginning to curve under the influence of gravity but then I began to wonder what if I resist the curve, what would stop me from doing that. I imagined a brick wall that prevented me from turning and resisting the curve. Then I thought; why can’t I just break through the wall? 

Everybody Knows, That's Why They Occupy Wall Street

The reason the media fail to recognize the message of the Wall Street Occupation Movement is that they don't know what the rest of us know. They are part of the corporate ruling structure and it isn't at all obvious to them why people people are so worked up or what they want. It is an expression of a dawning realization that our whole system is rotten. Now, the rottenness of the system is not going to be universally perceived, just as the revolution will not be televised, thank you Gill Scott-Heron. The truth is known by everyone in a primal way. When they call us consumers and consume us at the same time, we get it. When they say they are the source of all that is good and that we rely on their brilliance and creativity while they destroy our public education system through propaganda and ever decreasing funding, we get it. When they are eating us for lunch and telling us we should be grateful, we see the self serving lie. Yea, we get it.

Leonard Cohen writes and sings this mood of eyes wide open recognition of perpetual betrayal. This seeing through the lie is what is going on and why the elite don't get it. As Cohen's lyrics put it in Everybody Knows;

Memo to Dead Beat Dad Republican's, That's You Grover

When Paul Ryan pens a Republican budget that lowers taxes on the wealthy and cuts services for the needy he is acting like a deadbeat dad who refuses to pay child support so he can go golfing with his pals at Pebble Beach but he still expects to have his weekends with the kids. Republican proprieties and the republican budget are more deadbeat dad self indulgent me first bullshit.

Themes of an Identity Change Process Emerging

Today while meditating I came upon some ideas that pull together several themes in the form of a series of areas around which I want to develop rituals and processes that facilitate identity transformation.


Start with strengthening intouchness as a foundation for other more specific explorations of self as nature. Identify persistent themes that emerge in the process of strengthening the ability to stay in touch with the ever changing totality of our experience and let that begin to define my path of action.

Meditating on Intouchness

I have been meditating recently in an attempt to provide a ritual, some time and attention, to nourish my transition from an identity that confines self to the separate sense of self abstracted from nature to a sense of self that is not separate from nature. What has made sense to me is to focus on the sense of being in a relationship of touch with all of my experience whether traditionally viewed as inner or outer. Intouchness isn’t a real word as far as I know but it is the word that comes to mind when I try to capture the sense of holding all of my life as the experience of nature.


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